My MXL Mic

Marvin / 27 / Germany

Actually this Mic was the first semi professional microphone my band bought. Beyond that we bought it secondhand. I am not sure how old this microphone is and how much voices went through the wires. I can say that even among us over 10 people dropped their verses in it. I use this Mic for over 7 years now and it is still working out fine. We did so much progress with it that it is something like part of the family. We did 4 LPs with it. Furthermore we recorded the first songs that were released with it. Although it is not the best Mic no-one ever complained about quality or anything else. I will never buy another mic until this one breaks down. And when this will happen, the MXL will get it’s place on the chimney.

mxl mic


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My Book

Anni Z. / 19 / Germany

I was always overwhelmed by all these books. I looked up this wall unit so often, but I couldn’t count them. My grandfather owned a book about every topic in the world, I guess. As a child it was the best thing to lie in my grandparents living room on this old carpet and looking at all these pictures in the books. I never was interessted in books without pictures. Many time has past. My grandfather died. Books became boring. One day my grandma decided to get rid of this number of books. My mother, my sister and I were allowed to take whichever we wanted to keep. As far as I can remember we took millions of them, but today most of them live their live in the attic. But this particular one “Goethe - Faust” tought me again that books can be your best friend. And I would defend it with my life because this masterpice of lyrical art has to be given to the next generation. They shell also experience the wonderfull smell of knowledge and the talented tongue of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

I love this book and that’s the reason why I would defend it with my life.

The Baby

Sibylle / 22 / Germany

Yesterday I cleaned up the appartment. Washed everything, upholstered your bed.
I was shopping, and filled the cupboards with things you maybe like.
Not for much longer and we are together.
You and I.
Sometimes I imagine, you sit here next to me and we look out of the window together.

I know, later we´ll maybe annoy one another. Maybe you´ll be mad with me. Maybe you´ll hate me.
And frequently it isnt a dream-team life, which I imagine.

But anyway, no matter what happens, I will be there.
I will listen to you, I will hug you, I will comfort you, I will hold you.
And if its necessary, I will defend you with my life!

Because you are my baby.

My fountain pen

Matthias / 35 / Flensburg 

For some people this might be a normal pen. Something you can write with. You always need one when you don’t carry one with you, right?

But I carry my Mont Blanc fouintain pen every single day with me.   When I leave the house I always check my pocket. Car keys, wallet, iPhone and my pen. 

A really close friend gave me this pen for my 29th birthday. Now I’m 35 and this pen gets more and more important to me. Its the best present I ever got from my best friend since I’m 3 years old. Thats why I would defend this pen with my life!  

Ornament for a motorbike from the cartoon “Werner”


I got this ornament 4 years ago, when I got my first motorbike, a thirty years old “Kreidler”. It is an ornament from a funny german Cartoon called “Werner”. The main character is drinking beer and running his motorbikes all the time: very tough guy, I thought.He has this ornament on the front of one of his motorbikes. When I was 15 and got my driver license for the smallest motorbike (Mofa) and my first motorbike, I thought it is very cool to have such an ornament on my motorbike, even it is very small. So I searched on the internet and in some stores for it , but I didn’t find it anywhere. Then I had the idea to ask my dad (he is a enginer) to mill this sign with his CNC-machine. After designing on a paper and then on the computer, he made me this sign. Unfortunately my motorbike was very damaged and I had to sell it …I never put this sign on it.

But I would still defend it with my life because it remembers me at my youth, which was sometimes like the cartoon: drinking beer and running my motorbikes with my friends. But furthermore it is a presend from my dad to me, a single-item done by him. No one expect me, has this ornament, not even the author of the cartoon. So because of all the memories, the uniqueness of such a little piece of plastic and the work which is in it, I would defend it with my life. 

Picture is following in a couple of days.